Missing in action.

It’s been months since I’ve had the energy to take pictures and post them.  The picture of Northstar Lodge is where my mom was having radiation treatment on a brain tumor.  The radiation didn’t do much for the tumor, but appears to have taken some of her memory.   Aricept has helped some, but it hasn’t helped my  Dad’s Alzheimer’s.  It’s become a fulltime job to take care of them.  And I get very little help from my siblings.  They all live too far away and have jobs that they can’t afford to take time off from.

I’ve been thinking about using this blog for a safe place to vent.  Maybe it will help me to deal with my parents’ end of life issures.

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alien writing

alien writing

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This was taken at Richmond Beach Park on the Puget Sound in Shoreline, WA. There are more pictures from our weekend outing on my flickr account.

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princess mia crazy-cat

glossy fur

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That’s really her name. At rest she’s sweet and innocent. But when she’s awake……oooooh my. She rules the household with a velvet claw.

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winter sunshine


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2007 has been pretty rough so far. Don’t want to go into all that. Beauty like this soothes the soul.

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in church

stained glass

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I was struck by the beauty of this stained glass window.

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snow plow tracks

bright snow

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The old man was out plowing the driveway with the lawn tractor and took several long turns around the trees. A bright sunny day. But cold. Must be all of 20 degrees F.

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more of winter

frozen chimes

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A sunny day, but it was cold, cold, cold. These windchimes became encased in ice. My parents had these hung outside their window so that birds won’t fly into the window. They do occasionally and quite often the impact kills them, but the wind chimes help.

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let it snow….

snow day

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…And it did. Nearly all day long. Not sure of the amount, but it was enough. Just the perfect time for our furnace to give out, eh? We were awakened at 2 a.m. by our smoke alarm going off because the furnace motor was burning up. A chilly night was had by all. The cats ended up on top of me like furry little hot water bottles.

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We made a recent trip to take our daughter and granddaughter to the airport in Seattle. For some reason, I was not allowed to drive. Just as well. We ran into a snowstorm on the top of Snoqualmie Pass. The first really hard snowfall granddaughter had ever seen. It was quite beautiful.

It was dark enough — even though it was daylight – that the flash was going off automatically, illuminating the passing snowflakes quite nicely.

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symbols of faith

on the mirror

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These hang from the rearview mirror in my car. The metal cross is made from horseshoe nails. A friend got it in Africa. The beads are wooden “worry beads” that my brother brought back from Greece.

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