haunted castle

haunted castle

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In the spooky mood for halloween.

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outside my window


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These birds were eating bugs on the tree that grows outside my window. They are flickers. They can eat all the bugs they want.

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more fall color

hills and trees

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This is the view from my front porch. The hills in the background look almost painted, don’t they? This is best viewed at full size.

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fall foliage

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This is the view out the window by my desk. From this vantage point I’ve seen finches, quail, pheasants, magpies, and the occasional coyote.

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‘ol hank

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Gave me a bit of a turn when I first saw him. His head is a milk jug with a mop for hair.

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mare’s tails

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Here is it October and I’m still taking pictures through windows. Since I practically live in my car, it’s about the only chance I get lately. This was taken from the road looking towards our house.

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