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My ring on my wrinkled hand. Playing with macros some more. I was pleased with the focus on this one. I’ve had a bit of trouble with focus.

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the wacky yakky

The state fair mascot. He saw me pointing the camera at him and struck a pose.

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morning commute

A beautiful morning….but too darn early to be driving into town.

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from my car window

Most of my time lately has been spent waiting. So I’ve been taking pictures of things around me while I wait.

I was intrigued by the way everything reflected off the SUV beside me.

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more of the window theme

Took this in the hospital 3rd floor waitng room. Interesting light and dark patterns.

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cat tails

The theme this month seems to be pictures taken through windows. Things have been incredibly hectic. Very stressful things. Taking pictures helps to relieve some of that…..

These cat tails grow right by our driveway. I like them.

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