beautiful summer day.

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water on glass

Like being under water for a brief moment.

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jet trails

I was sitting out in the yard watching the old man painting our roof — so there’d be a witness if he fell off, of course. Jets kept flying over. Don’t know where they came from or where they were going. But the trails they left were interesting.

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How I’m spending my summer so far…..

Playing with dolls with my granddaugther in a wading pool in the back yard. Beats a real job, I guess.

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shared laughter

Two of my favorite people in the world enjoying a funny moment together.

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waiting for fireworks

July 4th at the park. The ground was hard and it was hot and there were alot of people there…but we had a good time. And the fireworks were worth waiting for. I tried to get some pictures of the fireworks, but I was not successful. Have to try again next year.

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