face in the window?

My daughter swears that she’s seen a face looking out of this window when no one was in the house. I don’t know about that…I’ve never seen it. I grew up in this house and as children, my sisters and I believed that it was haunted. There were unconfirmed rumors of someone dying in that room back near the turn of the century.

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Heh heh — how could I resist?

I think she’s tired of grandma taking pictures of her.

Notice the ancient Mac in the background. It’s a Performa. Gotta be 10 years old or more. Still works.

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“Bargin” Day

Not sure which is the worse offense. The misuse of the quotes or the poor spelling. No excuse for either one on a permanent business sign. I actually shop in that store from time to time.

I’ll have to try to get a better picture of it when the windshield of my car is not covered with waterspots.

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under the apricot tree

I love this tree. Took this picture while we were enjoying the cool shade.

Not long ago, we thought it was dying. The leaves were withering up and dropping. But new leaves have formed, so we’re hoping the tree will survive another year. There’s even fruit on it! I know it looks like there’s alot of dead branches, but I’m sure that’s bound to happen in a tree that’s close to 100 years old.

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Happy Father’s Day

To a great dad.

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My Dad

He seems to look smaller and smaller every year. 80 years old now. Such a wonderful man. Everyone loves him. There’s no one who has a bad word to say about him.

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playing around again

Since I babysit my granddaughter alot, I get to spend way too much time playing with toys. Today was decreed Barbie and Pony fashion day. (She decrees even though she calls me “Your Majesty”. Must be just an honorary title.)

I got interested in what an extreme closeup would look like. Unsettling. She has no nose holes, which could be a good thing given the angle of the shot.

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Such a pretty shade of red. Too bad it’s too sweet.

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my dark secret revealed……

I collect….toys based on cartoon characters….Pretty lame, yes? Oh well….it’s something I enjoy. This is Blooregard Q. Kazoo.

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hungry bugs

Nature is not always beautiful. Aphids are pretty nasty. I’m sure they don’t think so, though. Nor the ants who were herding them. This seems to be a bad year for aphids. Might have to go get my parents some ladybugs. This picture is best viewed in the largest size.

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